Thursday, January 14, 2016

Aliah's Story

After I finished the last verse of the song, I smiled at the crowd and let out a sigh of relief, feeling satisfied that I was able to finished my concert tour for 2015. As I walked my way to the backstage, out of a sudden my vision started to get blurry and I felt very nauseous. My legs started to feel numb that I collapsed on the stage and hit the back of my head hard on the floor. Then, everything went black.

As I opened my eyes , I realized that I was laying down on the hospital bed and I wondered what had happened to me. All that I could remember was that I just finished my concert tour other than that was pretty much a blur. I slowly got out of the bed and tried to find anyone that could tell me what happened. Outside my room, I saw my mother sitting down with her face on her hand. I walked to her and asked her  while feeling very confuse on what was happening, “ Mom, are you okay? Why are you crying?”. She looked into my eyes and started to hug me tightly as if there will be no tomorrow. “Faith honey, I’m so sorry that you have to go through this.” She said in a voice full of sorrow. “ Go through what? Mom just go straight to the point. Please tell me what is happening? And why am I in the hospital ?.’’ I said as I felt my eyes started to water.

“ Faith, the doctor told me that they found a tumor at the back of your brain. You have a brain tumor and……….”. A second I heard the word tumor, it was enough for me to know exactly what happened. At that very moment, I felt like the world just stopped moving and so was my heartbeat. I couldn’t believe what I heard. I looked into her eyes and let out a nervous laugh “ You must be joking right? I mean why would I ever have a brain tumor……” but by the look of my mother, I knew that this is not a joke nor a dream. This is happening for real. This is reality.

At that time, all I ever wanted was to have my life back. I wanted to sing and be active again like any other sixteen year old teenagers but with my condition I doubted that I would. Not long after that, Dr Harry told us that my brain tumor can be cured by undergoing  surgery since it’s still preliminary stage. That made me feel like I have a little bit of hope. It made me feel like I have a chance to survive. After all, what I could do was just hope for the best. A week after the surgery, Dr harry informed us that some of the tumor was still there and honestly that disappoint me because I thought I would be cancer free by then but I guessed wrong. Because of that, I needed to do another treatment which was chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

One year after that, Dr Harry found out that my tumor grew in size so they decided to do another surgery as there was a high chance of it to grow even more. The next few days, I found out that I was cancer free. I couldn’t described how I felt that time, words weren’t good enough to explained how I felt.  Even the word ‘extremely happy’ was an understatement to how I feel that time.

I was grateful that my wish to have my life back was granted. I would never forget all the hard work I went through just to get my normal life back. Just to experience chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment was painful enough for me to go through but I didn’t care much and just went on with it for one year until I had my second surgery that completely changed my life for the better of course.

Now, I continued on singing and write songs that can inspired other people to never give up on everything ever even if it was a  killer diseases called cancer because if I did gave up I wouldn’t be here today.

As I was writing my new song, my head starts to hurt . My vision started to get blurry and I thought to myself, maybe after all this time it was just my faith to be like this. Just like my name , Faith.  

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