Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Syazz's Story

Between Life and Death

        Death is the only thing came across in my mind when a bullet shot on my head. It happened last ten years, at that time I was 17 years old. This happened on Sunday night, I was attending my best friend birthday party. We were having fun just before the exam started because we knew that our parents would not allow us to hang out.

       Since my best friend, Ryan is a son of a businessman. He invited lots of people including our teachers. Unfortunately, the party ended up with a tragic situation. An uninvited guy entered the hall with a gun. The guy threatened all of us to not move. However, I ignored him. During that time, I ran as fast as I could. While I searched the exit door, I heard a sound. A sound of gunshot. Then I realized that the bullet was shot on my head. I was weak at that time until I couldn’t hear anything.

       I saw a bright light and I thought I was dead but the fact is that I’m still alive. When I opened my eyes, I saw my family around me. Especially my mom, she was praying for me. I’m so glad and happy to see them again. They were so grateful that I finally woke up after a few months in ICU room. I was very weak at that time therefore I was not allowed to speak and do any movement.

       A few months later, I had my energy back. As time passed, I started to talk and do some movement. My doctor was very impressed with me. Even though I had improvement, I still needed to do the therapy. I never asked them what had happened before because I didn’t want to know about it at all. They did try to tell me once but I didn’t want to listen it. What I knew is that the bullet will be there inside my head for the rest of my life. I was discharged from the hospital after I’ve done all my therapy. As my doctor said, I need to take care of myself after I were discharged.

       I never went out after I was discharged from the hospital because that is the only way to avoided from any danger. I could felt the emptiness inside my soul even though my family was there with me. I spent most of my time did nothing in my huge room.

       After a year, I celebrated my 20th birthday with my adorable family and that is the time I made my decision to face the world because I couldn’t hiding for forever. It’s good to see the shining light from the sun and breathed the fresh air. My first and second step was hang-out with my family and my friends. Everything goes well as I hoped.

         As I became much confidential, I registered myself to enter college for the semesters. My new life is still the same as my old life where we did revision together and at the same time we were having fun. All my classmates were happy to see me again. College might be risky place for me because there are lots of bullying cases every year. I wish it wouldn’t happen to me.  

        I didn’t take any physical class, as for P:E class I choose social dance. I’ve no choice but to accepted it. Even though all friends always there with me, I still felt empty.  Sometimes I felt lonely and jealous with my friends especially with my best friend, Ryan.

        So I decided to joined basketball team without my family knowing. I always had planned for the semesters. However all my planned were destroyed. After a long period of time, finally my family found out about me joining basketball team. I felt nervous about what are they going to do.

        They were upset about me and they did scold me but I just ignored them. Every single sentence and each words they said I ignored. I didn’t care what they said because all I want is freedoms. I wanted to go back to my old life where I can make my choices and do anything without any consideration about the bullet stuck inside my hindbrain.  I was punished to not go out of the house for a month.

        I was upset at that time because the next week is the important day for me and my basketball team. No matter what happened, I am going to join the match. On the day of basketball final match, I woke up earlier than my family. I went out of the house with light and silence steps. As I arrived, I quickly change my clothes.

        Every match, accidents can occur anytime it wants. At that time, I was going to shoot the ball for the last seconds before the match ends. However, I was pushed by other team and then I passed out.

        I regained consciousness and I realized, I was inside ICU room with my mom beside me. I asked her what happened to me and how long I have been in ICU room but she didn’t replied my questions. I knew all this time I didn’t bother to know what happened to me  before  but at that time I was really wanted to know what had happened to me because I can felt the strong headache attack me.

        After I was discharged from the ICU room into the normal wards, my moms haven’t told me what actually had happened to me. Few days later, my family finally told me. It quite shocking, but I have to accept it. There is nothing that I can do but I have to accept it, that my basketball team were loses. It was a bad news for everyone especially for me and my other team. We lose just one score. However, there was good news for me. Finally, the bullet was successfully taken out from my head.

       I was happy at that time. Only me myself can feel the happiness I felt. No other words can describe my happiness. Finally I’m so grateful that I’m still alive. Thanks to god for giving me chances to continue my journey in this wonderful world.


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