Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Zainatul's Story

12th of May is the day I was born and came to this beautiful world where humans seems very charming and benevolent but snap, it was all just a dream. I was born black with enough hands, legs and nose to be called human. Back to this nightmare I was on, I was being carried away from the human that gave birth to me. To make it worse, she was the one who threw me away in this dark, empty and dirty street. With the silent filled around me, I left a cry that express betrayal and sorrow. Not until I hear an aggressive footsteps coming towards me, he lifted me up carefully although the touch didn’t quite felt the same as before. And I thought this would change my whole world.

A few years have passed; I was raised by this ‘white family’ as that’s what they would’ve called it during that period. I live in a beautiful mansion that is surrounded by luxurious belongings and wealth. Life filled with gold and leathers at every part of the house. This may have sound astonishing and marvelous but the worst is, I’ve never felt the love and acceptance I deserve to get from this family since the day I came and step into this house. I’ve been getting unwelcome greetings and hatred especially from Ashley, their one and only child. I would’ve got racism threats from her and receive mean comments about my family background. I felt that my skin color is what makes me feel isolated and lonely. Or maybe the fact that I was thrown away by a mother made them felt like I’m useless and nothing. The parents treated me like a slave in the house and I spent endless night crying. I’ve wondered when the day would’ve come to finally receive acceptance and love.

The next morning, my eyes were sore and my body was aching from working too tough. I went out of my room and heard a cry across the corridor. I peeked outside to see my step-mother crying with Ashley. I hesitated at first but the urge inside me is burning to ask and so I did. Unpredictably, my step-mother replied about the incident he had on his way home from work. My dad was crashed in an accident and is in complete damage. The loss of his blood causes his weakness and lack of energy.

Without any words, we all rushed to the hospital. The doctors informed us that he needs a donation of type A blood. I realized that within the family, I was the only one with blood A type. My eyes gave a sign of confuse and without any realization, my step-mother begged down towards me for help. My heart weakened to see the sight of my mother in distress. However, my mind brings back the hideous treatment and the darkest nightmare I once had with her. My heart was too weak to fight the memories and my final decision was simply, ‘yes, I agree’. 
My step-dad has fully recovered and to see their family in cheerfulness, I got jealous but I was grateful at the same time. I envy them on their close relation in their family, I crave for one. After some time, my new family has been treating me quite pleasant and lovely. It came up to me that, I now have a family and learnt that sometimes in order to get acceptance, you need to sacrifice yourself for others and the past stays in the past. 

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