Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Ilya's Story

Ilya’s Story: Holding Tight to Hope

Dark and vacant, the room was. Desks and chairs were unarranged. The stench of stale food lingered thoroughly in the class. My nose was about to explode, until I ran off to the school’s library. I seated myself to the nearest table to the windows. I plugged in my earphones to my ears and listened to the harmonious music of silence. 

I stared out through the window. Unknowingly, it made me feel at ease. I saw the sky, bright like the sun but blue instead of red. The silver clouds waved their ‘hellos’ with their gentle sways. The trees danced to the rhythm of the wind. The day was pleasant and I wished to see it again. 

Attending my jobs at ten years old became the most detested routine, ever. On Mondays, I work for Mrs. Lim, the florist near the station. On Tuesdays, I’ll be scrubbing bird poo off the floor, in front of the Open Hall. On Wednesdays and Fridays, I work at the smelly diner owned by Mr. Pork, his food tasted like rubbish honestly. I, Nefili Eve had to do all the work alone, because of my useless father. 

I had lost many words for my father. Whenever I try to think about my parents the same image always came to mind, up until then. My father will always be near the hearth holding a book, for him to read for me and my mom will be smiling down at us, while doing some needle work. 

I had always loved my father. He was kind, loving, cheerful and a creative prankster. But he had turned into something else, a monster.

Everything had turned upside down, after my mother’s death. My father was having a hard time dealing with her death. He was sad, he was very sad, his fragile heart shattered into the tiniest pieces that I’ve ever seen. Then after a year, his sadness, his agony became nothing but hatred. He quits his job, and alcohol became his best-pal for eternity, he promised.  And I? His only child? , I became nothing to him; I am Satan’s offspring in his eyes. 

I used to be pretty in many ways. My crooked smile, my laughs always brings good to people near me. But after father’s sudden change in behavior, I don’t have a mouth for me to smile. I don’t have a voice to greet ‘hello’. Everything had crushed numbed .due to some homerun hit made by father. My father made a habit of locking me up all day with no supply of food in the basement, causing my chubby complexion had drained into a rugged figure with time. 

I really had enough the Devil’s behavior for years. I couldn’t stand another kick on the face and lose another tooth. I had difficulty walking , my knee had fractured for several times , I wished It’ll heal properly.

People may say ‘You’ll get used to it soon’, but I think pain will just continue on, if I don’t do anything.  I prayed every night, praying with my wailing cries, ‘God! Dear God! I beg you! Please, Oh Please release me from this dungeon of hell ‘. From this insanity, I wished to escape, I wished to be free.  

Then, my mind rushed with plans I never knew that it would even cross my mind. I planned to run away. My house was no longer home; ‘home’ was long dead to me. 

The perfected plan of mine was pursued.  I pretended to be at work when I was actually on my way to Shanghai, where hell is thousand miles from it. I vowed to myself not  to come back , if I do I’ll come with a smug  .

Years after then, I found a proper job. I am now candle maker and own a gallery. My candles represent hope, faith, patience and such. I knew my choice was right. 

Then one day, i went to Holland to meet my client whose name was unknown. I covered my eyes with one hand, and the pressure washed away. I arrived at the company; I arranged my suit before I step into the building. 

I was then lead into an office where I’ll get to meet my client. I have a high expectation of him buy my candles after looking around his building.   The woman knocked the door, “Mr. Jack, your guest has arrived “she said. I entered his office, and a smile greeted me. ‘Dad? ‘I stuttered. He hugged me with tears expelled from his eyes. This feeling seemed familiar.
“Nefili, I’m sorry. I - “, I cut him off 

“Dad, a sorry won’t change anything “I said sternly. 

“But fresh start will” I smiled.

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