Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Sabrina's Story


It all started when my dad died in an air crash 15 years ago. I remembered how sad my mum was and at that time when there was a phone call from the airport flight department. Before my mum answered the call , I could already sense that it was going to be bad news. My prediction was right when my mum’s face turned pale and she was crying out loud. When I asked her what happened , she could not even say a word. She was speechless. 

She hugged me tightly straight away and whispered to me with her weak voice. “Your dad’s flight , he was involved in an air crash last night ,” she said. I was totally shocked with the news and I cried. That time , I felt a great lost and I seriously could not imagine how my mum and I would face this test and continue our life without my dad.

In the afternoon , we went to the hospital to check and make sure that the dead pilot was my dad. On my way to the hospital with my mum , I kept on praying that the pilot involved was not my dad but as soon as we arrived and we looked at the dead body , it was him. The police gave my mum the pilot name tag that my dad wore the last time he flew as a  pilot. Captain Zulkifli what was written on the name tag. 

After the funeral , my mum and I went home without a word. She kept on being silent for the whole week. And one day when I was about to go to school she said about one thing that made me really disappointed. “Bella , if you love me please do not be a pilot in the future. I just don’t want to lose you the same way as I have lost your father,” she said sadly.

On my way to school I kept on thinking about it. I really wanted to be a pilot. That was my ambition ever since I was 5. I even told my dad about that and I could still remember how happy he was at that time. He asked me to promise him that I would study hard no matter what just to achieve my ambition. I knew he would be happy if I truly became a pilot one day but how could I achieve that without my mum’s permission.

“I am sorry mum. I still want to be a pilot just like dad was. I want to make him proud of me and believe in me mum that I will never leave you unless it was already written in our fate,” I said to my mum gently after we had our dinner. Since that day , she never talked to me anymore. Not even a single word. She just kept on being silent all day and that made me sad. I was not sure whether she hated me or mad but I could see through her eyes that she loved me so much. 

When my ‘O’ level result came out I got excellent results especially on my targeted subjects which enabled me to further studies to be a pilot. I was expecting my mum to be happy and congratulate me or any sentence that could show that she appreciated me and she was proud of me. Being back to reality , she did not say anything.

 As years past , I graduated from the university and due to my great flying colours results , I was offered to be a pilot from one of the Airway Company. I felt very happy when I thought that I was going to be a pilot soon but when I was thinking back about my mum , I was puzzled. I felt guilty that for these few years I have hurt her by not being obedient to her in which I never did it before. A day after that just before I attended the interview at the Airway Company , I approached my mum and talked to her about this job offered.

As soon as she saw my face in the kitchen , she stopped eating and quickly washed her hands. When she was about to go upstairs , I managed to hold her hands gently and brought her to the living room and sat together. “Please Mum , I really need to talk to you. This is about my future and I need your permission and most importantly is your blessings Mum. I was offered to be a pilot and the interview is today. I really want it but I just don’t want to hurt you for the second time because I had enough of suffering years without your words everyday and I don’t want you to hate me ,”I said while I looked through my mum’ eyes that was already full of tears.

 ”I will do anything just to win your heart back but please talk to me. I really miss you Mum. If by rejecting this job offer will make my beloved mum to become lovely like you used to be , I will do it  because I love you more than anything in this world ,” I continued with my tears. My mum hugged me tightly just right after I finished my words. I felt very grateful that I could feel her warm hug after these years being apart. My mum admitted that all this while it was her fault.

“Captain Bella Adriana , just to inform you to that our flight tomorrow will be 45 minutes late due to the flight from Dubai,” said  my friend from the flight schedule department which brings me back to reality. I successfully become a pilot with my mum’s blessings. My mum is now fine with my career and she gives me her full support. I feel really grateful that my life is now complete and I realized how beautiful my life is by having my desired career together with my mum everyday with me enjoying every moment we spend in our wonderful world.

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