Thursday, January 14, 2016

Alicia's Story

Happiness and Surprises

“Alice, stop looking at your wish list and come help me with the dishes!” Alice’s brother, Emmett, shouted from the kitchen. “Alright, I’m coming. Give me a second” she replied with a groan. It was the day before Alice’s birthday and she had made a list of the things she wanted more than anything, for example, being able to afford to buy the stilettos she wanted, get a new computer and basically just anything an 18 year old could wish and be happy to have it.

  “It’s so disappointing how none of the tasks here are crossed off the list yet and it’s like...” she paused “...less than 4 hours away from my birthday” while Emmett just shrugged, clearly distracted by the soccer game on TV. Alice stood up and walked back into her room. Damn, she thought, never knew completing a task list is this hard. She was thinking out loud to herself, speaking whatever comes to mind until she dozed off to sleep.

*buzzer alarm went off*

Alice cursed under her breath, “Must’ve forgotten to turn of the alarm again”. She walked out of bed towards the bathroom. She looked at the mirror, cringing at the sight of her morning hair. She quickly shook the thought of that away, thinking that since it’s her 18th birthday that day, might as well make it the best day. She went back to lie down on her bed, it’s too early to do anything anyway, she thought to herself. 

Staring at the empty ceiling, then she turned her gaze onto the bedside table and spotted a crumpled piece of paper. She went to look at it, realizing it’s her birthday wish list, she sighed.

“Happy birthday, lil’ sis!” Emmett barged into her room, running towards her, engulfing her into a tight embrace as she giggled at him. “Thanks” she said, smiling at him. “I’m going to head out to the mall with Eleanor, you know, birthday shopping and all” Emmett nodded, understanding what she said.

“…and then she splurt out spaghetti from her nose like a spaghetti dispenser” she said, throwing them both into a laughing fit. As they were walking alongside the stores, something caught her eyes, the stilettos she always wanted. “Hey El, look at this.” Alice pointed out to Eleanor she awed at the sight in front of her.

After few hours, Alice finally came out of the store holding her newly bought stilettos on her hand. She won’t stop squealing for the fact that she finally got what she wanted. Affording the stilettos she always wanted, checked!

Maybe this birthday wouldn’t be so bad at all, she thought. Eleanor had to go home early because her parents are strict as heck when it comes to punctuality.

As she was walking out of the mall, she wasn’t really looking where she was going and she bumped into her crush in her class. She gasped “Oh I am so sorry, Derek, I didn’t see you so I just-“she was cut off by Derek’s chuckle “It’s alright, Alice”.  There was a long silence before Derek spoke up, “So, do you want to hang out?” Alice gave him a confused look. “You want to hang out with me?” Derek nodded and smiled cheekily at her.

She arrived at the apartment, feeling exhausted as she went to Emmett’s room to search for him. “He should’ve been home by now.” She mumbled to herself while looking at her watch, it was almost 5pm. There was still something bothering her even though her birthday wish list is almost all crossed out. She sighed; she knew it was that she wanted to meet her parents because it has been three years since she saw them. Her parents had to work out of town so she had no choice but to live with her brother. 

“She looks so perfect standing there, in my American apparel underwear.” she danced whilst singing to 5SOS’ new single. Currently obsessed with it. She was home alone, or apartment-alone, so she decided to jam out by her own. She then jumped on to the coffee table and before she could sing any longer, she heard laughter behind her. She turned around and her eyes went wide, tears forming in them.
“Mom! Dad!” she ran towards them and hugged them like there is no tomorrow. “I missed you…” she sobbed as she buried herself in between them. “We missed you too, Alice” their voices cracking. “Surprise!” she heard Emmett said behind her. Turning around and jumped onto Emmett thanking him a million times.

Alice learned that happiness doesn’t come from your needs or your wants, instead, happiness comes from people or things that make you feel like home.

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