Thursday, January 14, 2016

Krystal's Story


Sekang highschool is one of the top school in Taiwan where everyone tried to register but failed to. The average percentage in order for a student to pass is about 85%. School fees are not cheap neither.
Katrina and Karol were sisters who lived together but don’t talk to each other since they were young. Both of them were enemies. They don’t go to the same school ever since kindergarden. Katrina , 17 year old girl , who cares about her grades all the time. She’s studying in 6 form in Sekang highschool. A pretty girl who always flustered guy’s heart. She has sweet and fresh looks. 

Karol , 16 year old girl , who also cares about her grades all the time. She’s in Hedong highschool studying 6 form. The girl who doesn’t really care about looks. She always had a ‘’ don’t you dare ‘’  looks on her face.  Both of them were competitive at times as their parents always praised them to their aunties and uncles. Katrina wins most of the time. But one day , Karol were told to move to Sekang highschool together with her sister , Katrina. 

Both of them studied together in the same class at J22K. As expected , Katrina took over the first place , again. She got high distinction for every particular subjects. Karol were badly mad at Katrina and thought to herself “ I’ll make you kneel down infront of me one day “.
As time passes by , a new transferred student came into their class. His name is Henry , the flower boy. He soon became the school’s face. He took over Karol’s position as soon as he entered the school. 

Before the school’s final year exam start , Karol secretly sneaked out of her bedroom. She jumped into teacher’s office and took the pendrive where all the exam questions were stored inside.
! Announcement ! – we will be having spotchecks today 

The pendrive was found in Katrina’s bag as soon as she flips her bag open. Katrina was now suspended from school for a month which basically means that she was not be able to have her exam.
After the results were out , Karol successfully got number one. Flower boy , Henry , who witnessed what happened last night , warned her to confessed it the school and apologize to her sister before he exposed everything. “ You don’t have any evidence of me doing that “ , Karol denied. Henry took his phone out of his pocket and showed him the CCTV records. 

Karol felt nervous and annoyed “ So what if I did? Yeah , I did that. Go ahead and expose everything “ . I got what I wanted , I should be happy. This is what I want right? She went to the top floor and throws a flower vase down the spot where Henry was walking. A loud crash was heard.
It was Katrina. Katrina ran out and cover Henry with her body. Blood flowing all over her head. Karol quickly runs away with nervousness. “ I..don’t mean to hurt anyone. I was just.. “ tears slowly went down her cheeks. “ Is this what I really wanted? Hurting my own sister due to selfishness? “ A siren was heard from far.

 Regrets. She realizes how much she misses her sister after not seeing her for 3days as she was admitted to the hospital. “ I love you , sis. I’m sorry but I don’t think I have the guts to stand up infront of you and Henry anymore. I have confessed to the school’s principal and I will be moving away to somewhere far. Get well soon. From your beloved sister , Karol “.
Katrina started to shed tears as soon as she reads the

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