Sunday, January 17, 2016

Nurul Najihah's Story

  The day started ordinary as the door had been knocked. “Marilyn, it’s already 10”, said my mother. Today is a massive day, I still can’t believe this is happening in my life. I took a bath right away and wear the clothes that my mother bought yesterday. I was trying to reach for Doug that promised to be my companion but to no avail. 

         “Mom, I’ll be going now!”, I shouted as I jumped into the car waiting for Doug. I stared the flyer in my hand intensely followed with a wide smile. Doug, my beloved best friend knew that I am one of the Die Hard fan of the singer called Pharell Smith. Thanks to Doug I get the VIP seats for the concert, moreover at the end of the concert the Manager of the show will choose one of the audience  to get a special prize where that lucky winner will get to have a candle-light dinner date with Pharell Smith. But, it makes me wondered how Doug get the tickets that cost almost a thousand. I tried to called Doug again but he’s not answering. Car’s watch shows 12 sharp, it’s running late! I better go.

      The roads were crowded with fans along with the banner on their hands including the picture of Pharell Smith. I envy of them which I should do that too. But it doesn’t matter because I’ve got a VIP seats that obviously they couldn’t afford. Beep! A message came shows ‘Hey Lyn! I’m Sorry I couldn’t make it for today, I have to do my works. Anyway, did you wear the clothes that I bought for you yesterday?’ Doug asked as if it’s an important. But I don’t have time to replied as I saw the others rushed going inside the theatre.

      Thanks to Doug, I got a perfect view of the stage. The stage is well organised as i imagined. Soon after, the only dim light comes from the stage. Someone appear from the backstage caused non-stop applause and cheer from the audience including me. Pharell Smith with a pair of black jeans along with a white shirt makes me speechless. We wear the same style from head to toe. The theme is black and white. Is this my destiny? I started to daydreaming.

     He starts singing calmly as he sat on the stool with a guitar in his hand. The melody goes well with his calm expression and I could feel that he’s staring at me. The concert ends right after all his songs sung. Pharell Smith starts giving a short appreciation for the attendance.

   “It’s time to reveal the results which, Pharell Smith himself will choose the lucky girl to be her date”. The manager gave a speech which makes everyone screaming enthusiastically saying ‘me!’. How great it will be if I got chosen. That’s one of the reason why I want to be here. From my seat I could see that Pharell starts to look around and stops in my eyes for a moment. Will it be me because we are wearing a similar outfit. In a blink of eye, he jumps from the stage which was very unexpected idea. 

      He walked towards me and held my hand tightly. I still can’t believe this! Is this a dream or this is the truth? He whispered romantically “ Will you be my date?”. For a moment I stared his eyes down to his lips. He seems familiar to me. Not a strangers, it’s someone that I know. Could it be him? But why now? To know the truth I rudely bring his hand right in front of my eye. It’s real! How come I don’t realise after all this years?

      With tears streaming down my face I ran without looking back.  How could you fooled me for all these 3 years?. I started on the engine car and drive randomly. But there’s one place that may comfort my sadness. The time strikes 3.40 afternoon as I arrived. The sound of the ocean released my tension and empty up my mind. 

      Doug is such a liar! But why did he do this? The ring that I saw earlier is real, it’s our friendship ring. We promised that we would never lose them or not wearing them. All of sudden I could feel someone’s touching my shoulder that makes me turn back. It’s him. 

    “We don’t have anything to discuss!” I stared his clothes. They were same as mine and the one that I wear now is from him. It’s too obvious that he’s the artist. Shame on me that after all this years I didn’t notice this simple thing. Every Sunday he was needed to be in in grandma’s but the truth is he’s going to preparing  his concert. And every time I asked him to hang out with my family he’s way too busy and  couldn’t make it. With all possible reasons i trusted him. Am I still his fan because of his voice? If I know Pharell Smith is Doug and Doug is Pharell Smith, I should have asked him for a date at the first place. 

    “I know it’s my mistake, but now I realise that all my wrongdoings will hurt you later. I’m sorry for all this matter, but I just want to say that, I think I wanna have a date with you, because you made me realise what is life when there is no love…”, confessed Doug hoping that I would forgive him. I can’t hold it any longer. Doug that I know have a matted hair, a shabby clothes and doesn’t have makeup, but now he dress neatly and no more matted hair, instead a jewelry hair.

     “Alright, I’ll forgive you, but you need to promise me that there’s no more secrets among us” As I said that we did a pinky promise and hugged. Above all, all my dreams is come true and now he’s officially become my guardian angel that will now walk along my comfort zone.


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