Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Nab's Story


Darkness. The sound of birds chirping. The usual aroma of coffee wafted heavily through Melissa’s room. Melissa,14,was born blind. She was grateful to be alive even though she couldn’t live her life like a normal person. She needed a white cane to guide her around. Every morning she goes outside of her house and feel the grass underneath her bare feet. That  spongy and soft touch of grass made her feel fresh and contented.

She had a good friend who lived just next door. His name was Johnny. He was older than her by 4 years. He was her soul mate. Every night they would often go to the window of her house and he would tell her what he saw and described it to her. Tonight, he told her about the empty strange tumbledown house across the road from her house was obviously looked the same, the brightness of the stars beyond them were superb and tonight’s moon was a full moon. Melissa stood there quietly trying to gather all the information and develop the images in her own head. She was overwhelmed by the sacrifices he made. He was officially her second pair of eyes. All she wanted in her life was happiness and blessings life for him.

The years flew by, finally today was the day where Johnny finally returns home after 6 years of studying  overseas. Melissa waited for him at their usual place. Hours went by and she still did not hear the sound of his catchy voice. Suddenly, there was a timid tap at her living room door, she thought that it must be one of Johnny’s silly jokes. She stood up with the guide of her white cane and  opened the door. She heard someone crying, it was a woman. She promptly knew that it was Johnny’s mother. Finally Johnny’s mother spoke up with a sob telling her that Johnny has cancelled his flight and he won’t come back ever again. Her heart shattered into million pieces. It feels like all of her hope and happiness had been vanished out of the world.  She got over it after almost one month. She thought maybe it was the best decision for him to start a new life in a new country.

One day, someone with the kind heart donated a pair of eyes to her. This was the moment she waited for, since  she  was a kid. To finally see her parents faces after 23 years of darkness. Now she can see everything for the first time in her life. After the speedy recovery, she was finally discharged from the hospital and went home. On the way to her house just a few miles away, she saw a silhouette of a man with a white cane waiting for her in front of driveway. She went out of  her mother’s car and asked the man who he was. After a few seconds of eccentric silence, he finally said “I am Johnny”.  

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