Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Trisyia's Story

                                                        ▲    In The Dark   ▲  

     Music blaring through the speakers everywhere, almost deafening but bearable, enjoyable even. Homecoming was off the roof, literally. I danced like there was no  tomorrow with my partner. Her arms were in the air like some kind of helicopter blades while holding a cup that contained a fermented beverage, dancing to some song that everyone has been talking about ever since it came on.

Then I felt something tingling in my gut. That was it. I dragged my partner to the men’s room and ordered her to stay outside as I heave my intestinal fortitude into the toilet bowl. Yes, it was that bad.

Quickly I got out and gathered my partner and requested her to help me home. On the way out people were praising and chanting my name. I was partially bewildered yet gleeful. What happened? Did I win for an Emmy or something? “Yo! MY KING! ,” One of my classmate chanted. That was when I got the real issue, I was homecoming king. I was not surprised. I was Prom king last year, School’s Vice president and now Homecoming king. Sweet.

It all has passed. Today is just another day of reality. It has been a few years ever since high school ended for me. It was the absolute greatest years of my life. But now I just feel empty in my high quality condo. Sure I’m successful, way above your imaginations. I’m a huge business owner for goodness sake.

But that was it. Call me ungrateful. I’m just filled in complete agony. I couldn’t share any of my accomplishments with anybody. That was the only complication that I had to face.
 Every time I try to find a decent companion, I can tell they did not respect nor appreciate my affection towards all of them. They yearn the success that I earned and owned. 

Love. That was the only thing I need. Easier said than done. 

What’s the matter with family you say? They clearly abhor me. Ever since I moved my destination to stay they were completely against my resolution. Every time the case was brought towards the dinner table my old folks just had their eyes rolled, whereas my brother kept quiet through the whole controversy.

“So I was thinking, maybe the idea of moving and to establish my flourishing call isn’t so bad at all,” I suggested. They lost it. Chaos was made. Quickly I took the opportunity to escape to my room. I snagged my suitcase and loaded my necessities into it and most importantly money. I used my plastic money, it was so convenient. 

So here I am, I temporarily rented an apartment to just have a place to sleep. Once my business flourished even more. I could afford more than just an apartment, just name it.Despite all the depressing moments I had breathed through out the years I had some light to hold on to.

Last month, an adolescent fine lady came by to visit. Not to youthful but about 2 years younger than myself. I didn't recognise her at all. She knocked on my coloured brown door. “Mr.- um Mr. Sykes? There was a packaging on my door that has your name plastered onto it.” Her lovely voice rang.

I hurriedly snagged the door open.

“Oh… So you live next to me?”, I beckoned her.

“Thats what my door says,” She replied goofily while motioning towards her silly sign on the door that says ‘Hey I’m you’re neighbour!!! Hi neighbour’ as it was refereed towards myself.

“okay then thanks”, I took hold of the parcel and brought it inside while she went back to her condo.

“Wait, can I get your name? I mean since were neighbours why not right?”. I started to get fidgety, my hands started to sweat like a gallon of water.

“Melanie, Melanie Martinez”, then she finally entered her humble abode.

I shut the door, leaned on the door and sighed good vibes as i slid down onto a squat. 
That was the hope i held onto from now.

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