Friday, January 15, 2016

Michelle's Story


Do you believe in ghosts? If you don’t, then you have to be careful because I was once just like you. Before everything happened, I (Laura Maggie) used to be a girl who thought that ghosts and magic was just an imagination. I always thought that the people who beliefs in ghost were ridiculous but after everything that happened to me at my ballet school last month has completely changed my opinion about ghosts.

Everything started when we decided to register for a famous ballet school called “Ballet Queen”. Most ballet dancers would love to be in this school because it was the best ballet school in our country but not everyone could get in. Luckily, my ballet teacher, Ms. Blare, is one of the teachers in that school, therefore two of my friends, Daisy and Jess including myself were accepted into the school.

After being in the school for three months, Ms. Blare announced to all of us that I have been chosen to represent our country and compete at the world ballet competition. I was very surprised at the fact that I had been chosen. Daisy and Jess kept talking about this for the whole lesson.

After practice, the three of us decided to go to the Coffee Bean café. In the café, Jess was telling us about a lady, who was the best ballet dancer in our ballet school for the last few years and the lady was representative of the country who attended the last world ballet competition but she didn’t win in the competition. When I heard this, I was so excited to meet her but Jess told me that she disappeared after the competition. There were no signs of the lady and where she disappeared to.

The next day, we were having our usual lesson but after that, I had to practice for the competition. The competition was next month. So, Ms. Blare told me to try on the costumed that I was going to wear during that competition. After I have finished putting on my costumed, I ran as fast as I could to the class because I was late. As I got to the door of the classroom, I realized that there was an odd lady staring at me with her cooled violet eyes from the corner of the hallway.

The lady was wearing the exact same purple coloured ballet costume as mine but her one was dirty. I thought that was the reason she kept on staring at me. There was a lot of red coloured liquid on her costumed. Since I don’t know what that was, therefore, I kept on looking at her and I realized that while I looked at her, she started to say something but I couldn’t hear it. “Laura, hurry up! Everyone is waiting for you!” Daisy called me from inside the room. “Alright, alright, I’m coming” I replied. I turned around to take a better look at the lady but she wasn’t there anymore.

Ever since, the image of the lady kept appearing in my mind. The lady looked angry while she stares at me. She has untidy long hairs that cover half of her face but I could saw her cooled violet eyes clearly. I kept on wondering which class she was from. I thought she was a new student because I have never seen her in the school ever since school started.

Today I was late for the practice and I had to wait for the others to finish their rehearsal before I could start mine. While waiting, Ms. Blare told me to change into my costume. Before I got changed, I heard music coming from the class in front of the fitting room. I became curious because there shouldn’t be other classes for the day except for our class. So I decided to take a look in.

There was a lady dancing in the room. I recognized her; she was the lady that I met yesterday. I observed her from the outside of the room. She danced perfectly, better than me. I was thinking that the school should’ve chosen her to attend the competition instead of me.

The lady saw me watching her and we were having eyes contact after that. Her eyes were scarier than before when she looked at me. She was laughing but I couldn’t hear anything. She came towards me with her hands pointing at me and suddenly, “There you are. What are you doing here? Ms. Blare is looking for you” Jess shouted at me from behind. “I was looking at the lady who’s dancing inside the room” I told her while pointing my finger toward the room. “What? There is no one in the room. Who’s the one you looking at?” Jess asked but I could not answer because I was shocked. The lady was just in the room and she didn’t even come out from the room but she wasn’t there anymore. There weren’t any music anymore and the lady was gone.

After the end of the class, Daisy and Jess had gone home early. I had to wait for my dad to pick me up; he told me that he would be a bit late. I sat on the swing outside the classroom while waiting for him. It was 8pm already and there was no one left but me. 

Suddenly, there was music coming from one of the classrooms and there were sounds of footstep. I started to feel nervous as I stand up from the swing. On my way to the room, I felt someone followed me from behind and the music stopped as I turned around to see who it was. There was no one and suddenly, “LAURA!” there was someone shouting my name from the room and the music was now to be heard again and it even got louder than before.

 I started to shake as I continued my way to the room. Then, I felt that the floor was wet and as I looked down, I saw the floor was red in coloured. I was afraid and decided to leave but then, I saw a lady standing not far from me. I couldn’t see her clearly because it was too dark. As she came near me, I found that she was the lady that I saw during my class not long ago. She looked creepy and her eyes were bleeding. She gets faster when she walked towards me and she asked me sadly “Laura can you help me?” I tried to say something but my voice came out like a squeak. My throat felt sore, my neck felt pinched, and I was shaking all over. Sweat trickled down my cheeks and my heart pumped furiously.

Since I don’t answered her question, she continued “Do you know that I’m the best ballet dancer in the country and famous before, but, since I’ve lose in the world ballet competition, all of the peoples are laughing at me and my ballet teacher is very mad at me. She kicks me out from the school. Even my family says that I’m useless. From that on, I cry every day until my eyes start to bleed. I remember the day I went swimming with my family and I’m drown, I’m so scare, I shout for rescue but not even a person save me and after that, I’m in the deep sea. Alone!”  She laughed after that and after what she said; I know she was the lady Jess told me in the café. She was dead. I felt more nervous than before because I was now talking to a dead people, so, when she wasn’t paying attention at me, I staggered back, trying to escape, but I was out of luck! 

Suddenly, she was pressing down on me and shouted in front of my face “Don’t you dare to escape from me! Do you get me?” “Yes” I replied with my shaky voice. Then she asked me softly “Can you help me?” I said “Yes”. 

“I want your body” she told me but I didn’t understand why she wanted my body, so I asked her “For what?” “For my soul, we are mean to be together, don’t you think so”. That’s when my face got pale but she continued “We are the same. We love to dance. We are the representative for the same country and competition and the most important is we have the same name. You are Laura and I’m also Laura” she touched my face slowly with her bloody hands. “That’s all. Is time to say goodbye!” She told me with a creepy devil smile, I wanted to shout for helped but there’s no voice coming out from my throat and I slowly felt that something coming into my body. At last, I felt nothing. 

There was a men coming towards me and asked “Are you alright Laura? Sorry, I was late. Come on; let’s go home, your mom is waiting for us”. So, this man was her dad then. I told myself, from now on, I (Laura James) was going to start my new life. “It’s alright father, let’s go” I replied.

The day of the competition: “The champion for the ballet competition is Jacqueline Lawrence” The winner should be me not her!

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